Sunday, December 25, 2011

My personal rifles

Here are 5 of my personal rifles in different camo patterns. 
          • An Arsenal AK in 3 color tigerstripe
          • A NHM 91 in "Florida Tigerstripe"
          • An AR-15 in Russian Special Forces pattern
          • An SKS in a 3 color tigerstripe
          • An AR-15 in 5.7 caliber in ACU digital pattern

AR15 In British DPM

Note: you can still read manufacturers engraving YHM

About Doc Duracoat

  • Duracoat or Cerakote your firearm!/paintball/airsoft!
  • Make your old rifle or handgun look factory new.
  • Give me a gun in good condition and I will make it a work of art.
  • Give me a hunting rifle and I will camo it to match local conditions.
  • Have your weapon match your vest, hat, helmet, uniform, etc.
  • Why wear camo and then carry a big black and silver stick that stands out?
  • Guaranteed lowest price. All work warranted to last for life of the firearm.
A gun coated in Duracoat or Cerakote will never rust. All serial numbers, scope settings and engraving will still be perfectly legible. I can personalize your gun with your name. Any pattern can be any color.

Military Patterns
  • Tigerstripe 
  • Woodland 
  • British DPM

Urban Digital patterns
  • ACU 
  • Woodland & Desert Marpat + DPM 

Rare Military  Patterns
  • Afghan 
  • Flectarn 
  • Russian Special Forces 
  • Rhodesian 
  • French Army 

Hunting Patterns
  • Marsh
  • Underbrush
  • Woodland Signature 
  • Snow patterns 
Your firearm will be completely degreased, sanded and field stripped. Coated in base color, then re-assembled. One, two or three additional colors per your request. The final pattern will flow from magazine to receiver, to scope. Personalized names usually go in the magazine well, but can be placed any where.
A final matte clear coat is included in the price.
All patterns are available, not just the ones listed above.
All patterns can be done in any color combination.
E-mail me for custom camo patterns or colors.
Turn around time is usually 2 weeks.