Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Refinished WASR AK-47

This was a heavily used AK with scratched areas all over even on the plastic side folding stock. It looked terrible!
Refinished in matte black Duracoat with a satin clear coat it looks factory new.
I really like the look with this fore grip, reminds me of a Tommy Gun

Sunday, January 22, 2012

WASR AK-47 in "beaming blue"

This customer is the same one who wanted his AK to match his paintball marker.
This one is supposed to be look similar to a blue anodized speedball type paintball marker
Remember "the customer is always right!"

Detail view of "beaming blue" WASR

Here is a close up of the beaming blue AK47. It looks much darker in this photo, that is a fault of the camera. In real life, it looks like the other photo that shows the entire gun
The ACE stock folds left, but is rock solid when extended. Adding a red dot greatly improves sighting with an ak.
I really like how it looks with the black pistol grip and vertical foregrip

Monday, January 9, 2012

Tippman A 5 paintball market

This one has an Apex barrel and an e- trigger. Effective camo is a must have in woodsball type paintball

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Detail view Mak -90 urban digital

This shows some close up views of the right side. 4 colors make for a very "busy" look.
I usually use a lot more pixels in my digital patterns than other painters use. A final misting with white (you can see it better on the black on the foregrip) really ties the pattern together

Mak-90 urban digital, right side

This shows the right side of this interesting gun

Detail close up views of Mak-90 in urban digital

Vertical foregrip, ventilated upper handguard and downfolding stock make this a collectors item.

AR-15 in Bengal Tiger 3 color Duracoat

This gun always gets a lot of compliments at the range. The grip pod vertical foregrip works great for running and shooting. When the legs are extended, it is a rock solid bipod.
The Duracoat shows no wear even after hundreds of extensions and retractions of the bipod legs

AR-15 in Bengal Tiger

This pretty lady is competing with a .223 caliber Bushmaster.
Look carefully , it is personalized on the magazine well

Detail view of SKS in nautical camo

The dark blue is the ocean, grey is clouds and white streaks are whitecaps.
A big red dot makes aiming at moving targets from a swaying boat much easier

SKS right side

This is another boat gun. With a composite stock and Duracoat it is now rust proof.
Only the inside of the barrel needs coating with oil

Chinese SKS in "Nautical" camo

I created this camo using elements of the Thailand Marine and Russian Army pattern. The colors are the U.S. Navy NWU colors

SKS in urban Flectarn

This is an SKS rifle in a folding stock with a spike bayonet.
Urban colors are usually black, grey and white
Flectarn is a spotted pattern using irregularly shaped spots

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Detail close up views of urban flectarn sks

Flectarn is one of my favorite patterns
It can be colored in urban woodland or desert variants
It would be easy to work some subtle skulls into this pattern

SKS in urban flectarn

This folding stock sks looks sharp in a 3 color urban pattern

Detail of AK pistol

This was a presentation gun. Painted in British DPM it is a unique work of art. Every Duracoat project is a one of a kind. Even the same pattern is slightly different every time.
I think anyone would be thrilled to get this as a gift.

AK-47 pistol in British DPM

This is an AK pistol with a Spikes underbarell flare launcher. It can fire flares or bird bombs These are great fun as they produce a bright flash and loud bang

A Tippman A 5 paintball marker in 4 color tigerstripe

Duracoat can be. used on paintball markers, airsoft guns, etc. Paintballers often like wild colors and patterns like flames and skulls

Detail views of woodland digital A 4

This one is personalized as "Marc's A 5"

Tippman A 5 paintball marker in woodland digital camo

Details of wild woodland rifle and 75 round drum mag

This would actually be a good woodland pattern if it were a brown instead of orange
The customer is always right!

AK-47 in "wild woodland " colors and flectarn pattern

This customer wanted his rifle to match his paintball marker

Kel tec pistol in urban digital camo

Here the customer wanted only the slide painted.
The customer is always right!

Detail views of SPAS shotgun

Again, safe has been high lighted in white.
(Fire is in red and is harder to see in this photo)

SPAS shotgun in 2 tone Duracoat

It is an elegant look to have a simple two tone color scheme

AK-47 in olive drab green

Not every gun needs a camo pattern.
This came to me covered in peeling black barbecue paint. It looked horrible!
After hand sanding to bare metal, thorough degreasing and single color Duracoat, it looks factory new!
That U.S. Palm co. pistol grip is the most comfortable grip I have ever held

Left side of Wasr AK

Both these patterns break up the outline so well that it is difficult to see that they both have optic side rails present

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Detail of dark woodland dpm AK-47

This is a 3 color DPM pattern, but with darker colors than standard DPM
Remember, any pattern can be done in any combination of colors

Closer detail of urban flectarn ak

This is a 3 color pattern

Detail of urban flectarn AK-47

"safe" and "fire" are outlined in white and red

A pair of WASR AK47 the upper one is in a 3 color DPM. The lower is in 3 color urban flectarn

Detail of sks scope in 3 color stripes

Another 10 year old gun with lots of use and abuse. Note that the Duracoat has a scratch at the lever used to remove the top cover. So it can be scratched but is extremely difficult to do it. If you scratch yours, even after ten years of hard use, I will gladly touch it up for free

SKS in 3 color "Florida tiger stripe"

This is a great deer or hog hunting rifle. It has a fixed 4 power chinese scope on a top cover mount. Camo really helps you get to 100 yards of prey
This one is personalized with some Florida plants on the stock

Detail of Chinese red dot scope on Colt sporter

This scope is a cheap Chinese one that has held zero and seems to never need changing of the battery.
All engraving on gun still legible. Not a scratch after years of hard use!
I think the Russians have the best versions of woodland, digital and Flecktarn patterns

Colt sporter in 7.62x39 in Russian Army woodland camo. This is a 3 color woodland pattern Again the Russians have a better camo than ours

This gun is over 10 years old and has thousands of rounds thru it. It has been in the car on some bumpy roads to target shoot out in the Everglades. The Duracoat has held up great!

Detail of shot gun stock