Monday, April 9, 2012

Advanced Tiger Stripe

Here is the top view of a Wasr AK-47 duracoated in a 3 color advanced tiger stripe pattern.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Tan predominant advanced tiger stripe

I can make any color the main color
Here, green is just an accent color

Detail view advanced tiger stripe

I highlighted "safe" in white and "fire" in red

Close up view advanced tiger stripe

This still has the foam earplug in the barrel. These work great for keeping the paint out of both the barrel and the chamber.

The left side AK-47 in advanced tiger stripe

This one has a side folding stock, 20 round magazine, ergonomic pistol grip and both side optic rail and hand guard rails

Advanced tiger stripe

Here is the right side. The shorter 20 round mags make magazine changes easier with the vertical fore grip.
A red dot sight is a major improvement over the iron sights notch and post.
Modernizing the AK like this make it far more accurate and "tactical"

Duracoats advanced tiger stripe

This is how they show it on their web site