Sunday, August 4, 2013

Duracoat is durable

Here you can see some of the abuse this gun has suffered. The wooden stock has been gouged by rental customers. They don't care about it so it gets very hard use. This is no safe queen! It gets a lot of rounds thru it every week, year after year.
Go to Alfies and see it for yourself !
No finish will survive when chunks of wood are removed like that.
However, the rest of the finish has held up remarkably well even after extremely
heavy use

Duracoat durability

Here is a view of the left side. Again you can see that the wear is mostly on the corner edge.

Duracoat is durable!

Here is an AK I painted 4 years ago for Alfies gun range in Davy, Florida
It has been in rental and has been abused.
It has been kept on metal brackets against a wall. It has seen more use than most guns get in a lifetime. This is the right side.
You can see some wear on the edge of the receiver below the safety lever
There is also some wear on the edge of the dust cover.
This would be easy to lightly sand, degrease and touch up with one spray of black