Sunday, January 5, 2014

New docduracoat projects

Here are three new firearms for the doc to refinish

The pistol is a Ruger standard .22 that is rusty and has lost a lot of the original finish. Right now it is a rusty old piece of junk!

The carbine is a Steyr Aug A 3 configured for left side ejection with an aimpoint micro H 1 four m o a red dot

The AR 15 is a Spikes in a slide fire stock. It has the Surefire 60 round magazine. When you shoot the slide fire in full auto mode you run dry very fast even doing only 3 or 4 round bursts

Both the Aug and Spikes get extremely hot during use
I will finish both in Duraheat
The only question is what pattern
I am thinking Danish M 84 flectarn or Woodland Digital
Send an e mail to docduracoat@ gmail. com if you like these or have any other suggestions

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