Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Steyr Aug Danish flectarn detail view

Here you can see that all original factory markings are still visible
This is an Aimpoint red dot on a YHM riser
I use the 4 moa dot as you pick up the big dot faster when running and engaging multiple targets
The Aug is so handy for this kind of shooting

Monday, February 24, 2014

Slide fire full auto AR 15

Here is an AR-15 I built from a Spikes lower and a DSA upper. I put it together as cheap as possible because it is to be used with a slide fire stock
The slidefire works great and a can shoot full auto from short bursts to mag dumps.
It gets hot fast even with 3 round bursts from a 60 round mag !

More Danish M 84 Flectarn Steyr Aug goodness

Here is the Aug A 3 on a Danish Flectarn background
The colors on the Aug are hunter green, graphite black and sage green
This is Cerakote C
The biggest drawback to the Steyr Aug is how hot it gets even in steady, slow,aimed fire. Even at one shot every 5 seconds, after just a few magazines you can only hold the front half by the foregrip
The cerakote c series is the perfect choice for such hi temp use

Steyr Aug in Danish Flectarn

Here is the final product
Female stencils are used for the sage green shapes
I did not copy the exact yellow-green of M 84 Flectarn
I am tempted to sand off the sage and reapply the same shapes in the correct flectarn yellow green
What do you readers think?

Green Steyr Aug

Here is the Danish Flectarn on the Aug in progress
After the graphite black base coat, stencils are applied and hunter green is the second coat.
If you look closely, you can see some of the stencils thru the green
I think the Steyr Aug looks great all green!