Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Century AK pistol assembled

Here you can see the matched Century AK pistol and HS 2000 pistol. Both in Cerakote h burnt bronze. The bronze and black 2 tone looks both elegant and mean!

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

AK pistol in Burnt Bronze Cerakote

Here you can see where I filled in this AK pistol sight engraving with Lacquer Stik white
I also filled in safe and fire in white and red lacquer. 
Here is a Century AK pistol coated in Cerakote h burnt bronze
The original finish was black parkerizing.
I left the barrel under the hand guard alone.
This traditional gun finish is easily scratched off and gives only modest rust protection.
its color range is either grey or black.
It also requires oil to be applied at frequent intervals.
Cerakote is much harder, rust proof and comes in many colors.
There is even a color that mimics parkerization!
Cerakote c is better for barrels as it is even more heat resistant than the h series

Burnt Bronze HS2000

Here is a well used pistol that I Cerakoted in H series burnt bronze color
Slide and magazine base bronze
Rest of pistol black
I always like the look of a two tone pistol!